AFICAM (Association Française des Industries des Colles, Adhésifs et Mastics)

Professional organization affiliated with the FIPEC, the AFICAM includes 28 companies, representing 80% of the market. Having value union, the Association represents the sectors of glues, adhesives and sealants in the economic, social and environmental fields. The AFICAM also work to promote the profession.

Croissance Plus

Founded in 1997, Croissance Plus is an association of entrepreneurs which brings together leaders of high-growth companies and their partners (banks, law firms, consulting, audit, accountancy, recruitment …). Its members, located throughout France, come from all sectors of the economy. United in Croissance Plus, their leaders are fighting to impose a new business model, to support the creation of businesses and jobs, while sharing the fruits of growth.

FEICA (Fédération Européenne des Industries des Colles et Adhésifs)

Founded in 1972, FEICA represents the adhesive manufacturers across Europe. Located in Brussels, FEICA develops communication with stakeholders, enhances network culture among its members and plays the role of spokesman for the industry in the European Community. Its purpose is to defend its members in the framework of European law by informing on legal developments affecting the industry.

FIPEC (Fédération des Industries des Peintures, Encres, Couleurs, Colles & Adhésifs)

The FIPEC meets the industries related to the formulation of high performance products developed in compliance with health and the environment. Through their union, more than 80% of manufacturers of Colors for Art, Leisure and Education (AFCALE), Printing Inks (AFEI) Glues, Adhesives and Sealants (AFICAM), Paints, Coatings and Varnishes (SIPEV) Products for Wood Preservation (SPB) are members of the FIPEC.

The Federation supports and represents its members in economic, social, technical and regulatory fields. It promotes the exchange of information and collective actions at national, European and global.

Lens Lievin Entreprise

This club includes firms from Lens-Lievin with the aim of promoting their development and to be heard by public authorities at local level.



Materials, chemistry and green chemistry.MATIKEM CMJN

Matikem is a French competitiveness cluster in 2 fields – chemistry and materials and biobased materials – for 8 main key markets: tableware, graphic industry, packaging, plastics industry, agri-foodstuffs industry, transport, construction, medical.

Matikem supports R&D projects (from emergence, setting up, access to private and public funding) to the market launch of new products or new services. Its mission is to facilitate economic development through innovation, increase the competitiveness of companies by developing synergies between private research sector, public research and training centers.

MEDEF Artois

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The Association Pacte-SME aims to bring closer SMEs and Large Groups. The goal is to get the maximum the rallying of Major Groups who accept the rules of the internal Charter Pact-SME Pact advocating respect for SMEs and facilitating access panels suppliers.

100 000 entrepreneurs

100 000 entrepreneurs is an association of general interest, founded in 2007 by Philippe Hayat Club and Horizons. It aims to provide young people the culture and the desire to undertake, in organizing stories of entrepreneurs in schools, from the 4th to higher education.