EngagementsAlready certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the industrial adhesives company SEALOCK achieves, with the ISO 26000 assessment, his commitment for many years for Sustainable Development but more for CSR really registered in his genes.

In 2010, SEALOCK was already awarded the Regional Trophy of the Environmental Performance and in 2011 signed the Environmental Charter of FIPEC (Federation of Industries of paints, inks, colors, glues and adhesives) but also the Charter “Mediation of the Subcontracting” in the context of SME / Large Groups with ComMedia Observatory.

Jean-Marc BARKI, President of SEALOCK France, considers CSR as a tool for progress:

The evaluation ISO 26000 is a mean to advance the company to meet the requirements of the industry and to improve ourselves in the human level, taking into account the environment in which we live. More than ever SEALOCK focuses its strategy on quality, taking into account the internal and external environment: it is a 360 ° view.
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