The SeaBlock

SeaBlock, an adhesive block that could change your life.
  1. So easy to handle: the SeaBlock adhesive block only weighs around 350g.
  2. No film wrap: the SeaBlock adhesive block has been designed according to an exclusive procedure.
  3. Easy to feed: the SeaBlock is easily inserted into the melting unit thanks to its optimized size, adapted to all application systems.
  4. Quick-melt: the SeaBlock adhesive block’s format speeds up the melting process.
  5. Practical packaging system: shipped in small boxes (13kg to 20kg), the SeaBlocks can be used near to the application systems.
  6. Workplace hygiene: the SeaBlock adhesive block eliminates all risks of pollution in the heating zones.
  7. Human risk prevention: no granules means no slippery floors.
  8. Greater protection against product return: the SeaBlock adhesive leaves no glue particles in the finished products.
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